Community Impact

We serve our community by helping families provide free dental care for their children when they otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford it. The ways we measure performance ensure our patients are receiving the highest and most efficient quality of treatment. These measures include:

1.    Establishing a dental home and providing free comprehensive dental care to uninsured
100% of new patients complete their initial exam and return for follow-up care and/or a six
month cleaning.

2.    Emphasizing the practice of healthy dental care behaviors with children and their
parents/caregivers including keeping regular dental appointments, brushing with a fluoride
toothpaste at least twice per day, and flossing on a daily basis. 
99% of our patients fully complete their scheduled treatment plan.

3.    Introducing and reinforcing nutrition habits with the parent/caregiver that will improve
children’s oral health. For example, providing healthy snacks like fresh fruits and vegetables in
place of sugary food and candy, consuming less or no sugary drinks including soda or juice,
weaning their child from a bottle by their first birthday, and providing only water in a sippy
100% of our patients and their families receive home care instructions and nutritional


Patient Statistics

While the majority of our patients are involved in early and elementary education, a large percentage attend high school, as shown in the graph below.


According to the Florida Department of Health, 23.4% of third-graders have untreated tooth decay. When children are able to receive preventative dental care at Little Lights Dentistry, they can easily focus on school and take fewer trips to the dentist. Many of our families struggle finding reliable transportation and will make fewer trips to our practice for acute care when healthy dental habits are established early on. Other preventive measures, such as sealants, prevent visits to the dentist for cavity fillings. This saves our families time and resources. Additionally, most of Martin County’s public water system does not contain fluoride, which helps in the prevention of dental decay in children of all ages. Little Lights Dentistry is able to provide fluoride treatments for children who may not be able to be exposed to it through their daily water intake. Each of our patients undergoing an initial cleaning, along with their parent or caregiver, will receive home care and nutritional education.

Historical Impact

Light of the World Charities has been active in local and international communities since 1999.

Light of the World Charities has been active in local and international communities since 1999.