Little Lights Dentistry is a free dental clinic for children.

Little Lights Dentistry Wish List


Donors sometimes ask if there are special, one-off items that we require in order to provide quality treatment to children.

If you have questions, please contact the Executive Director, Tim Arthur, at or (772) 223-9781 x203.

Sterilization unit

Known as an “Autoclave”, this device is crucial to our day to day operation. It is used throughout the day to sterilize handheld tools and instruments. We required two, and the unit we are seeking to replace is one of the smallest made.

$ 5,508 Tautnauer EZ11 Plus autoclave

Crown supply

Some  patients require crowns on their baby teeth. These are semi-permanent and last five to six years  until their baby teeth shed. Crowns for baby-teeth are available from dental suppliers. Unlike adult teeth, these are items that fit or can be altered to fit while under the dentist’s treatment

$ 2,000 One year supply

Dental Office

Children in pain are often fearful of the dentist or of receiving dental care. A common practice is to allow them to watch an overhead TV while in the dental chair. Little Lights has 4 operatory rooms and one has a TV.  The children are more cooperative and less anxious when they are distracted by the latest Disney movie or other DVD of their choice.  To add overhead TV’s to the remaining 3 rooms, we need:

$    300 TV’s ($100 x 3)

$ 1,500 TV installation ($500 x 3)

$    210 DVD player ($70 x 3)

 $  120 Cabling ($40 x 3)

 $  120 Blue tooth head phone ($40 x 3)

$   150 TV mount ($50 x 3)

$ 2,400 Total

Pediatric Digital x-ray sensor

$ 4,500 Child-sized digital x-ray sensor

Electrical efficiency

The FPL electric costs for our facility are an expensive item to our operating budget. The interior of our building has been modernized, but the roof and attic are original and are now very old. The thermostats are also old and faulty, and must be  manually set to adjust temperature upon arrival and at the  end of day. Monthly bills range from $310 in cooler months to $540 in warmer months.

Smart thermostats such as those sold under the name “Nest Thermostats” can automatically detect motion and set temperatures respectively. Since our facility has four thermostats, there is a high potential to reduce our electrical costs. If reduced only 20%, we would save $1,000 each year.

$ 1,200 Cost to purchase four smart thermostats and have them professionally installed.


For increased efficiency, each dental operatory is set up the same way with tools and equipment stored in a dental cart. Some items must be  stored in a locked cabinet or storeroom. 

$    750 4 -drawer dental cart ($250 x 3)

$    425 Wall cabinets with a lock ($85 x 5)

$  500 Cabinet installation

$ 1,675 Total


At the end of each  appointment, the  child is provided with a Goody Bag that contains a toothbrush, tooth paste, floss, and mouthwash. We expect to treat 700 children in 2019.

$         3.07 Per Goody Bag: toothbrush, tooth paste, floss, & mouthwash

$      30.07 Goody Bag for 10 children

$      76.75 Goody Bag for 25 children

$    307.00 Goody Bag for 100 children

$ 2,149.00 Goody Bag for 700 children