Little Lights Dentistry is a free dental clinic for children.

Founded in 1999, Light of the World Charities operates Little Lights Dentistry, a dental clinic committed to serving uninsured children in Martin County and the treasure coast of Florida. 

Light of the World Charities (LOTWC) was formed in 1999 by co-founders Reverend Bernard Powell and Mrs. Theresa Banks. The late Father Powell, the founding Pastor of Holy Redeemer Catholic Church in Palm City, Florida invited Theresa, a registered nurse and parishioner at Holy Redeemer, to address the congregation to promote a stewardship program he was establishing. Mrs. Banks shared her experiences from previous medical missionary trips to Mexico and Bolivia. The church family overwhelmingly responded with volunteers from throughout the community. Father Powell and Mrs. Banks tapped into this volunteer expertise and established Light of the World Charities (LOTWC), an independent non-profit organization, to sponsor medical/surgical missionary teams in developing countries and the U.S.

  • 1999- LOTWC sends surgical groups to Chiclayo, Peru

  • 2001- LOTWC sends medical groups to Honduras

  • 2004- LOTWC jointly constructs Saint Benedict Joseph Center for medical assistance (SBJ) in Comayagua, Honduras

  • 2010- LOTWC establishes its first domestic dental program in Palm City to serve indigent and working underprivileged adults

  • 2015- LOTWC establishes Stateside Surgical Program to provide cataract and hernia surgeries for adults in need

  • On July 11, 2016, LOTWC redefined its mission to focus exclusively on pediatric dentistry and established the Little Lights Dentistry Program to better define its objective.

  • Today, the Little Lights Dentistry Program is on track to exceed our goals!