Little Lights Dentistry is a free dental clinic for children.

These are true accounts provided directly from our patients. Names have been changed to protect privacy rights.

I arrived from Guatemala, my homeland, with my dad a couple of months ago. We were very blessed to find out about the services offered at Light of the World Charities. When I first came in I was very scared. I was very fortunate to find the help I needed. I had never received the proper training on how to brush my teeth because dental hygiene isn’t a priority in my homeland. This is why I had 19 cavities and had to get my front tooth extracted. I only had a small part remaining which was bMy teeth look so much healthier and I feel more confident. I thank everyone who helps with this wonderful mission in helping me realize that I can smile again and not hide my teeth.
I was so blessed to be introduced to Light of the World Charities for my two children. As a single mom who works full time and goes to school, money is tight and paying for regular dental care has been a struggle. That struggle ended when my daughters’ school referred me to Light of the World Charities. The staff and dentist are amazing! They are kind, informative, helpful and supportive. They made us feel like we are a part of their family. My children actually look forward to coming to the dentist. They are truly an organization that serves this community in an invaluable way. They have the best staff of people that work for them, and I am overwhelmed with gratitude with care and services they have provided to my children. Please support this organization. Your contribution to them will change lives. It has changes mine and my children’s lives forever. Dental care is no longer something we fear!
I come to little lights dentistry because of how caring and considerate they are with me. They make you feel comfortable and the staff are super sweet and nice! There’s never a moment when I feel uncomfortable or in pain and I definitely recommend this dentistry to everyone!
Hello! The clinic has been a great help to and my children. There is a great importance in what your organization does because I do not have enough money to pay what normal dental work would cost since my children do not have dental insurance. I am extremely grateful that my little one was able to receive IV sedation after the procedure he is able to eat and not be in pain. Thanks for all the support you have given us. God bless you always.
Hi there - I am one of the patients at Little Lights Dentistry dental clinic. It has been a very special experience in the dental clinic because to be honest I did not like my teeth at first because they were in a really bad condition. I thank Little Lights Dentistry for the attention they have given me, they are excellent in their work.
For me and my family the clinic has meant a lot since it has given me the dental help I need. I have felt less discomfort in my mouth and the care they give is very good. The service is very effective and the attention given by the staff has been very kind, attentive and respectful. I am very grateful with all the staff.
For me it was very good to come here because it is a program that helps children. We are very grateful for people who attend to us, all those who work here are very kind and they serve us with a big smile and like to help children have a better dental health. The children are very happy, as are we.
My story is this, first thank you to this organization for your help which provides dental benefits to the neediest children in this county. I must mention how grateful I am for the treatment that my daughter has received from the staff that works here especially from the dentist, for her tolerance and patience that she has had while working with my daughter. Thank you, I am very happy with the oral results I have seen with in my little one. Thank God, I count with your clinics support. Blessings to all.
Little Lights has inspired me in so many ways. I am glad they checked my teeth! I appreciate that they ask if I have practiced brushing, like they taught me at my last appointment. I really hope that more children will come here.
First of all I want to thank the teachers at school for welcoming and sending me to Little Lights Dentistry. They were super good and taught us how to brush and floss. I used to floss rarely, now it is routine. Thank you for your support to this charity!
I’m very thankful for the help Juan is receiving. I would like to recommend Little Lights Dentistry to many people like us that are in need of dental treatment. Thank you for your help and patience! Whenever we are scheduled, I never feel uncomfortable calling to confirm our appointment. Other parents should use Little Lights Dentistry!
My child was in extreme pain. He had decay in all four areas of his mouth and had no ability to chew his food. His pain not only limited him from eating, but from brushing his teeth also thus making prevention impossible. Through Little Lights Dentistry he met with a dentist. She repaired as many of the decays as possible. This allowed one whole side of his mouth to function for chewing. The dentist referred him to see an Oral Surgeon to get the remaining teeth fixed. On his follow-up visit, my son was able to see the Little Lights dentist again, this time smiling. The dentist finished all acute dental work and then educated him on how to take care of his teeth in the future. I hope this story inspires other to give.
We are very satisfied with the treatment that we are given at Light of the World Charities. My children feel at home with the care that they receive. The clinic has very amiable personnel who actually care about my children’s dental health. They always make us feel welcome and help my children not be afraid. My younger son has just gotten his two front teeth extracted and they are very patient with him and nitrous has really helped to calm him down and receive the treatment that he needed. Thank you for all you do.
My son had not been to the dentist until I heard about this clinic. I thought that with just brushing he was okay, we actually found out that his brushing wasn’t being performed correctly. Unfortunately I could not physically see all the decay he had. We are so grateful for the help that we have received. We thank everyone who makes this possible and we definitely keep the clinic in our prayers.
My son was coming to Light of the World Charites for almost a year. I have three children in total, my son oldest wasn’t born in the United States. He had cavities in almost all of his permanent teeth, it was a complete blessing to be able to get his teeth fix without paying a penny. Now my two other sons have lost Medicaid and I remembered and called the clinic they were able to see them in a couple of days. I was very surprised when I found out that my second oldest son has over 18 cavities. I am very grateful that all three will have all of their procedures and continue with their cleanings. The staff is great they not only care about their dental need but also about how they are doing in school and their grades. Thank you once again.