A Bequest could be the most important charitable gift you ever make.

Reason #1: A permanently endowed fund is forever.

How forever is forever you might ask? In England, college endowments go back five centuries. Benjamin Franklin’s gift has helped the people of Philadelphia and Pennsylvania, for more than two centuries.

When you have a charitable gift in your will to permanently endow a fund, you are guaranteed that your fund will exist in perpetuity and that your fund will make gifts annually to our charity. Your fund, on average will grow every year.

Which, in our view, is as “forever” as a reasonable person can predict.

Reason #2: You can protect your heirs, and still give to charity.

Some people in their wills specify a certain dollar amount, others specify a percentage.

Some choose to leave a valuable asset like a painting, or stock. Others opt to put family first and give what is left, after all other gifts are distributed. This is called a “residuary bequest”.

There are many ways to go. We’d be delighted to help you examine the options. Give us a call at 772-223-9781, or email us at bequests@lotwc.us, today.

How does it work?

our role

Light of the World Charities is a fully accredited tax-exempt organization that administers gifted bequests. Annually, we engage a third-party CPA firm, with fiscal outcomes publicly reported.

We make sure that the terms of the bequest are honored, and 100% of the proceeds is applied directly to our operations.

your role

Give your lawyer a call, if you already have a will.  If you don’t, there are several estate planning attorneys in our community who are available to help you with your will and trust.  Click here for recommended language to use with your attorney.  When you include Light of the World Charities in your estate plan, please let us know and keep us apprised of any changes you might opt to make.